Mar 19, 2011

what to play: 4

Six-month-olds love turn-taking games, especially ones that involve sounds and language. Let your baby be the leader sometimes, and mimic his vocalizations. When it's your turn to lead, a good way to teach your child- and make him laugh at the same time - is to make animal noises. 

haha meow meow udahla.. 
err ajar dalam hati agak2 sampai tak? errmmm
best gak musical activity centre ni. colorful and fun 
eh maknya plak y buat review.. hehe
hope sesuai la..


  1. too kenkadang yg teruja lebih main permainan si kecik tu..

  2. samalah kita...kita beli..kita main dulu..wakkakaa

  3. best kan.. kita dulu y main.. hik2